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Teknifit Powerbands

Teknifit Powerbands

Regular price £6.99

Premium Assisted Pull Up Bands | Heavy, Highly Versatile | Range of Strength Levels for Full Body Workout | Complete All Over Training Solution

  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Teknifit use highly engineered materials to create loop bands that are extremely durable and long-lasting, natural latex is also kind to you and the environment with no nasty additives.
  • EXTREMELY VERSATILE - Perform hundreds of moves and exercises to complete all over body strength training, muscle toning as well as mobility and rehabilitation. Perform assisted pull-ups & dips, deadlifts, pull aparts, hamstring curls, shoulder press, upright row, squats, bicep curls, tricep extensions, powerlifting moves and back strengthening exercises.
  • WORKOUT ANYWHERE - Teknifit Power Bands take up so little space and are so portable you can take them on holidays, to work, hotels, the gym or even the office. Exercise in your lunch hour or coffee break to get that beach body or even perform deadlifts next to your desk to build strength and get in shape.
  • CHOOSE YOUR POWER LEVEL - Light to heavy resistance levels for those who want a fitness workout at home for muscle tone, body toning, tight booty and thighs, defined arms, strengthen legs, improve mobility, gain flexibility and speed up rehabilitation after injury.