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Teknifit Booty Builder Glute Band

Regular price £7.99
Premium Glute Activation Hip Band - Fabric Resistance Band Circle with Elastic Non-Slip Design for Women
  • THE ULTIMATE RESISTANCE HIP BAND FOR BOOTY BUILDING - Set your Glutes on fire and work your hip abductor muscles like nothing else with tougher resistance than normal bands.
  • BOOTY BUILDER BAND SIZE GUIDE - If you weigh up to 65kg choose Small/Medium (13"), if you weigh over 65kg choose Large (15")
  • GET THE SECRET TRAINING WEAPON OF THE INSTAGRAM BOOTY MODELS - Yes all those fitness girls you see posting pics use this tool to take their Booty to new levels - why don't you?
  • TRULY VERSATILE EXERCISE BAND - Use for Warming up Glutes and Legs, Activating Hips, Walking Side Steps, Hip Abductions, Squat & Deadlift Stabilisation, Hip Thrusts, Forward & Backward Walks, Side Lying Clams, Kick Backs and so much more.
  • PREMIUM DESIGN HIP CIRCLE - Comfortable Elasticised Fabric with upgraded Non-Slip Rubber Strip design on the Inside so resistance band stays in place for Superior Performance over other bands