The Benefits Of Resistance Band Training

Many people still don’t fully understand the benefits of using resistance bands within their training programs. The general misconception is that resistance bands are only used for basic stretching and beginners who aren’t wanting to use weights yet.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Yes, there are huge benefits to using resistance bands for stretching. They offer a great way to push your body further to improve your flexibility. But they are good for so much more.

Nowadays, resistance bands come in a variety of different strengths and sizes (and even colours). From glute bands and mini bands, to powerbands and pull-up assistance bands there are so many to choose from, and this can often lead to confusion when searching for the right ones for you.

The most popular of the current choices at the moment has to be the booty building bands. These glute bands are a great tool for helping to engage all the glute muscles ready for your session.

But what are the actual benefits of buying yourself these fitness accessories?

Tone and strengthen

As the resistance bands stretch, they create an increased amount of tension in your muscles which causes them to contract. The more you stretch the band, the harder the exercises becomes.

Wanting to make an exercise more challenging? Try holding the resistance band in a way which creates more tension, such as bringing your hands closer together when performing arm moves.

They’re great for stretching

Adding some bands to your warm up and cool down sessions are a great way to help your stretching. If you lack a good range of flexibility and mobility, they are the perfect aid to help you get that little bit closer to the full range of the stretch.

They’re not just for resistance

Resistance bands are an excellent way to add assistance to difficult moves. Have you ever dreamed of doing a pull-up but can’t quite get there?

Try tying your pull-up band to a bar or a Cable Station in your gym, pop the band either under your knee or foot and try doing a pull-up again. As you perform the move your weight will be supported in part by the band, making practising pull-ups a lot more accessible in your training schedule.

They add a different dimension to your workouts

With YouTube and Instagram fitness influencers on the up and up, we have more access than ever before to different ways to train in the gym. There has been a steady increase in the use of powerbands within plyometric training.

Plyometric training, also known as jump training, are exercises in which your muscles exert the maximum force possible in a short interval of time. Ultimately plyometric training will help increase your overall power.

The next time you add plyo moves into your training session, why not try adding a powerband for some extra tension? When performing moves such as hopping lunges and jump squats, tie your band around a bar or Cable station and pop the other end across your waist. The added resistance will make the move much harder and help to further increase your power.

They’re suitable for almost everyone

Whether you are a stay at home mum wanting to get some home workout equipment, or a seasoned pro in the gym, resistance bands are an inexpensive way to add something extra to your training.

Had a sports or muscle-related injury? Resistance bands are a staple for those going through injury rehabilitation because they don’t apply pressure in the way that weights do.

No matter what level you are at with your overall fitness, getting yourself a selection of resistance, booty, mini and power bands is a must if you’re wanting to add a bit of oomph to your training.   

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